Jesus Johan Aponte Montero

MAGNO MONTERO was founded in Barcelona from the hand of Jesús Montero. The brand is a proposal of timeless and responsible fashion with architectural aesthetics.

Even before we were born, we thought about how to create a brand that is effective in three dimensions: environmental, economic and social. It is essential to create a company that generates sustainable wealth over time, without overlooking the impact on the environment and the people.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to offer a product and experience that are both aesthetic and functionally aligned with our ideals and those of the MAGNO MONTERO community.

While also ensuring that we make the best decisions possible regarding the selection of sustainable fabrics, the search for responsible manufacturers, and any other factor that has a direct impact on the three dimensions.

Environmental, Economic and Social.

Magno Montero Aesthetic

Our search has been encouraging, as we have found a very powerful and diverse local fashion and textile ecosystem, with clear intentions for change.

This has allowed us to put into practice some of our most intrinsic values. Such as the search for suppliers and local production, generating synergies and exchanging knowledge with those involved in our supply chain.

"We create functional garments with a broad sense of responsibility, without compromising our creative vision."

Magno Montero