We are committed to sustainability.

We imagine a world where we will no longer have to talk about sustainable fashion
as a competitive advantage, but as an essential aspect of the brand.

No for animals leather

Yes for cactus leather

We are very proud to say that for this first collection, we were able to incorporate a garment made from Biocuero (an alternative to animal and synthetic leather, made from cactus), a partially biodegradable material with very high sustainability standards.

Vegan leather clothes Magno Montero

Biomaterials are the future of the fashion industry and the most sustainable option concerning the consumption of water and energy
required for their manufacture, they are materials that can responsibly return to nature.

Recycling Magno Montero

we care

about recycling

We always work with mono-materials or fabrics of a single composition. 

Similarly, we have kept the usage of trims to a bare minimum to facilitate the recycling of garments once they have completed their useful life cycle.

Recycling processes take a lot of time, money and energy, as the industry does not yet have the infrastructure
to collect and process clothing at the same rate as it is thrown away.
However, this is one of the most realistic ways to move towards a more circular industry.

natural fabrics

natural fibers

We ensure that all our collections are free of synthetic fibers, using only fibers of natural origin. 

Synthetic fibers are more efficient in terms of recycling, as they can be recycled countless times without losing their characteristics. 

Although they are also the cause of the marine pollution catastrophe.  In addition to requiring decomposition times that exceed generations, which is detrimental to what we mean by sustainability.

natural fibers Magno Montero
Local sourcing Magno Montero

no global sourcing

yes for local sourcing

90% of the fabrics used in all the collection have been manufactured in Spain. We have acquired them through local suppliers in Barcelona, within a radius of 50km.

Working with local suppliers has given us the opportunity to be more agile in terms of time and communication. As well as being able to contribute to the local economy which revolves around the textile industry and employs a significant portion of the population.

local production

made in spain

100% of our garments are produced in local factories in Barcelona, within a radius of 65km.

Spain, and specifically Catalonia, has one of the largest textile and clothing business ecosystems in Europe. Each product made in Spain is a symbol of tradition and quality, while we take a step forward in local and controlled production.

made in spain clothes Magno Montero

"For our first and future collections, we wanted to reflect a timeless aesthetic, and not focus on ephemeral trends.
Our garments can be worn in different ways on different occasions over time."

Magno Montero